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Simone started practising Moving Meditation when she visited India in 2001 and met her teacher and friend, Panda Chi. Since then she has been back to India many times to deepen her knowledge and become more 'silent' within herself.

In 2013 she felt ready to follow her heart. Leaving stressful work behind, she realised the need to change her life - Simone decided to take her power back and follow her path 'to help people to help themselves'.

Simone now guides clients through the Moving Meditation practice that changed her life, while also offering complementary Healing sessions and Indian Head Massage. The silence, developed from years of her own practice, is a feature that flows through all of this work.

Silence, or space within, is an integral aspect of Simone's work. Being able to connect to universal energy clearly, without interference, enables a loving channel to be directed through to the client. Ultimately, this transmission gives the client an experience of heart energy, allowing them to receive the grace and beauty of Love.

Her passion is to help and support people to heal themselves, overcome stress and live a peaceful, relaxed and fulfilled life.

Simone is fully insured and qualified.

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Photo of Panda, one of Simone's teachers

Panda Chi, Simone's teacher in Moving Meditation, offers beautiful insights into the mystery of being.

Please see his site www.path-of-tao.net for information on his work, courses and workshops.

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