About Moving Meditation

This meditation is for everyone and is generally done standing but can also be done seated. As you reconnect and listen to your body it will empower you to find your life's path.

  1. Gentle moving exercises: Reconnect you with your body, organs are being softly massaged and stimulated which aids to release toxins in the body.
  2. Guided visual meditation technique: Helps you to feel more content which supports easing tension in the whole body and mind.
  3. Rooting technique: Grounds and opens your chakras which helps you to feel more fulfilled in life and helps you start to follow your intuition/heart. It will also increase concentration.
  4. Breathing exercises: Breathing purifies and cleanses the body's internal energy channels. It helps to slow down your heartbeat, reduces stress/anxiety and supports self-healing.
  5. Relaxation: Self-healing and recharges the body and mind......and it is ok to sleep!

Move the Body - Still the Mind: Classes

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Enhance your life. See the beauty within yourself. By focusing on the beauty within, we are able to become aware of and appreciate the beauty around us. A beauty that pervades all of nature and every living being. Join us to experience peace, love, joy and inner contentment.

This is a moving meditation class, in which you will perform gentle, natural movements based on Chi Kung and Tai Chi practices and principles. These exercises help to revitalise the body and quieten the mind, and the class helps bring you to a place where meditation arises within you.

The classes are for any adults who wish to experience inner contentment and calmness. Age and mobility difficulties are no obstacle as the exercises are gentle and can be accommodated to any ability.

Please bring a bottle of water and wear flat footwear. The class involves some sitting/lying, which may be on the floor. You may therefore like to bring a mat, such as a yoga mat, or a small blanket. Chairs are provided for those who would prefer not to sit or lie on the floor. No special clothing is required, other than that it is comfortable and allows you to move freely.

For more information please contact Simone.


Blighty Café, Seven Sisters

No classes arranged for January - watch this space for details of next class, or contact Simone to be kept informed.


The Mill, Coppermill Lane

First Wednesday of each month, 6.30pm-7.30pm

Waltham Abbey

Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre, Sun Street

Next class will be in the New Year, 11am-12pm (please note the 12pm-1pm class is currently not running)

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