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I just wanted to thank you so much for the amazing session today! I felt very strange for a while after but now I feel great! My head feels clear like I'm wide awake! During the session I felt like something was being pulled out of the right side of my jaw. I feel amazing - I'm intrigued to learn more about healing with crystals xx

Lisa, UK

Wow Simone Rexforth!!! I went to bed at 9pm and just woke up!! Ok so it’s 2am and I’m obviously awake again, but 5 hours kip is a Massive improvement on the 2 hours I’ve regularly been getting! Thank you so much for the amazing and relaxing healing(s). If anyone in London needs some gentle healing with or without beautiful crystal helpers, Simone is your go to lady!! Love to you sweetheart xxx

Gabriella, London

All I can say is WOW WOW no pain. Thank you so much for your spiritual healing. I woke up this morning expecting the same old back pain, but nothing. Keep up the great work Simone.

Shirley, London

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I remember Simone told me to relax and few moment later I been already in deep relaxation! At first we pray about few places in my body that I have some pain. One of them is my right shoulder, and at some point during the treatment my arm jumped, some time it's the same reaction in Shiatsu so I was amazed this can happen without any press or touch! The energy flow so beautiful! I could feel the energy moving from my head down and I fall asleep, a very relax sleep. So beautiful time! Simone gave me her heart and with her present I could completely trust and feel my body & mind in very good place ❤❤❤ Also in the end we had very good and important conversation, which is still going with me, and my right shoulder feel SO much better. Thank you so much beautiful Simone. I wish your way will help others ❤❤❤

Lea, Israel

My name is Daniel Samelson from Israel. I'm a therapist in acupuncture, shiatsu and massage. I met Simone in India, in Arambol, and asked her for a healing treatment. For some time I suffer from low back pain and tenderness in my neck and hips. Simone treated me very professionally, for my pain areas in the right way and helped me a lot and I felt calm and relaxed. In addition, the treatment was pleasant and very attentive. I strongly recommend getting treatments from Simone.

Daniel, Israel

My healing experience with Simone was unusually Amazing. It's a first time I decided to have pranic healing session. Since I started having problem with my eyes (pain while reading and headache from using a lot of computers) I found it difficult to write messages to reply to people. So before the session I made an intention my eyes to get better, to get rid of pain. The minute I closed my eyes and lay down I saw an image of an old shaman lady coming to me. I could feel changers of energy flows in my body and then I fall asleep. When I woke up I felt lighter and very quiet. It was dark already. So next morning I woke up and first thing I noticed that I didn't put my glasses on to read and there was no pain in my eyes. It felt so normal not to have it that I couldnt believe it. So I went outside and I didn't use sunglasses also. All day I enjoyed my feeling of "new eyes". I couldn't believe the miracle to happen. So thank a lot to you, my Dear Simone and for your help . After that I called my Russian friends from Siberia and they had few sessions as well. They all are extremely happy with their results. I recommend everyone to have this experience with Simone.

Yana, Russia

With one session I understand your work it is difficult, but that you have a strong energy canal-this fact! After the session I felt the harmony inside! That's good! Thank you!
(Translation of: С одного сеанса мне понять вашу работу трудно, но что у вас сильный энергетический канал-это факт! После сеанса чувствовала гармонию нутри! Это хорошо! Спасибо вам!)

Galina, Russia

'OK, you can come back slowly. No rush.' So said Simone, at the end of my treatment. She seemed very far away. All I could think was, 'Wow. You're very far away. I don't know how I'm going to get back.' Of course, I did, and I wish I could tell you where I was coming from. But the deep, healing relaxation that I experienced with Simone was one of the most intense I have ever undergone - and I'm a complementary therapist, too! I hadn't had pranic healing before and in this instance, Simone was moved to combine the pranic with spiritual healing. All I can say is Simone is a beautiful soul who creates a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere in which the treatment - seated and fully clothed - takes place. For such an intense rejuvenating energy reaction, it is perhaps strange that there is very little physical contact. Afterwards, I felt very energised and in fine spirits and the back pain I was suffering from had subtly eased. I believe Simone is a very gifted healer and I'm very much looking forward to my next treatment as part of my personal healing process. I can't recommend her enough.

Lorraine, London

I am so grateful for the pranic and spiritual healing I received from you last week! Such wonderful energy and I feel they complement each other really well. I felt energised for days afterwards, which is exactly what you worked on during the pranic healing. The presence of your "helper with big hands" was so wonderful and grounding. In fact, my entire week was busy with work and travelling but somehow I felt centred and grounded (even at 30000 feet). Thank you so, so much and see you soon!

Daria, London

Having received healing from Simone on a number of occasions, with a nigh-on equal variety of experiences, I can attest to Simone’s assertion that there is no right way to experience healing. Sometimes I have felt pleasant physical sensations such as warmth, tingling, even the tangible touch of spirit; sometimes nothing. Sometimes a sudden onset migraine will lessen immediately and dissipate completely within 30 minutes to an hour; and sometimes physical ailments that have stubbornly refused to respond to allopathic treatment will slowly start to weaken and fade away after just a few sessions. The physical healing though is a minor aspect of Simone’s work. Despite the variations in physical sensation, there is one constant - and that is the gift from spirit. When, a day or two after a session, you suddenly feel good for no reason, or find that a minor incident that would previously have upset you cannot now find purchase for its claws, when you ride the wave with equanimity and feel the connection to the source, therein lies the truth of Simone’s healing. It is enabling the experience of being, of oneness, which is the real miracle of the channel Simone opens for you.

Julian, London

I had a very relaxing and calming experience where Simone took the time to understand what was my foremost issue that needed addressing. I told her I was quite stressed and she focused on that.

I felt the crystal energies mainly around my head which really surprised me as I have never tried crystal healing before. Afterwards I felt more calm and balanced and this continued on throughout the week. Thank you very much.

Louise from Plush Tents, Chichester

I had a 30 minute crystal healing session with Simone and it was so relaxing I wish I had booked for longer!!!

I felt held and supported and nurtured in an extremely warm and relaxing environment. For 30 minutes I was in a blissful relaxed state feeling the healing energy of Simone in my own body. Next time I will book for an hour or more and can't wait to try out Julian's Thai massage sessions either.

Rachel, Chichester

Deeply relaxing treatment and beautiful nurturing, yet active energy from the crystals, with a thick blanket of energy working on my third eye and crown chakras. Felt very well afterwards and had a wonderful sleep. Thank you again. xx

Claire, London

Wow lucky me I got to experience both Simone's beautiful crystal healing and Julian's blissful Thai massage. What a combo they are, I left feeling so serene and seemed to be floating on my happy cloud for days!! Thanks so much guys you are two truly gifted and beautiful souls giving off treatments from the heart.

Marianne, Chichester, UK

I was told about Crystal Healing through a friend and was introduced to Simone. I immediately felt reassured by how warm and caring Simone is and how she puts you at ease instantly. She is one of those people who make you feel as if you have known her for ever! I have been having some physical and emotional health problems and had pretty much exhausted the more conventional lines of treatment so I was interested in trying something new. I have had two sessions now and am desperate for more! I felt a positive change in the way I was feeling and thinking after the first session. The session itself is very calm and relaxing. I felt almost hypnotised and in a very relaxed state throughout. Simone seemed to know instinctively how I was feeling and where I needed help. The sessions pass so quickly and time never seems to be enough. After the session I feel calmer than I have in a long time and I always seem to have a really good day. I would urge anyone who feels they need rebalancing or feels they have lost touch with their 'self' to try Crystal Healing.

Sarah, Chichester, UK

[in German] Meine Erfahrungen mit dem Christal healing: Im Frühjahr 2016 hatte ich die Möglichkeit von Simone eine Heilungssitzung zu bekommen. Ich hatte keine Ahnung auf was ich mich einlassen würde und war einwenig aufgeregt. In meinem Inneren merkte ich, dass ich ihr tief vertrauen könne und freute mich sehr auf die Begegnung. Die Behandlung findet im Liegen statt. Nach kurzer Zeit schon merkte ich, wie Ruhe in mich einkehrte. Nach und nach entspannte ich mehr und mehr. Dieses Gefühl der Ruhe und der Entspannung war wunderschön. Jetzt, da ich diese Worte schreibe, erfühle ich es wieder in mir. Meine Schultern und mein Kopf durchzieht ein leichtes gribbeln und ich weine vor Freude und Entspannung. Ich habe etwas in mir wiederentdeckt, was so wunderschön ist. Je öfter ich das erspüre und fühle, desto freundlicher und entspannter wird mein Leben. In dem Heilungsprozess werde ich durch die Ruhe an meine Lebendigkeit und Schönheit erinnert. Das Christal Healing ist dabei wie ein Türöffner. Ich bin Simone tief dankbar für unsere Begegnung und Offenheit. Danke :-)

Tobi, Germany

Healing session with Simone:- I love crystals not only for their beauty but also for their ability to touch people's souls. During the session, I could really feel the vibration of each stone Simone used on my chakras and the nourishing energy from earth and heaven left me feeling still and thankful. Wonderful work, Simone.

Eva from Berlin

I was on the beach and my friend Simone told me that she was doing Crystal healing. I had never had Crystal healing in my life and I was very curious to undergo such a healing treatment in order to discover what it was and how beneficial would have been to me. I went to her beautiful cottage and after laying down on the carpet or futon she lit an incense stick and she put on a celestial music and she put me completely at my ease. Perfect relaxing atmosphere! Then she covered me with lot of crystals, especially on my throat and my lungs, as I am a smoker. I was actually covered with tons of crystals but I felt very light. WELL, I just entered in the Garden of Eden. I felt so relaxed and full of empty space, and so light that I was in a verge of crying of happiness. I really entered in an unknown land and felt so good that I fell asleep. After an hour I opened my eyes and I was overwhelmed by grace, music and scent. I cannot verbalize all that I had experienced as it was so great and stupefying. I felt so relaxed and full of energy, so free, healthy and Young and, above all, very grateful to Simone as the artificer of this Marvel. I am longing to meet her next time to experience again that celestial, intense and liberating feeling that only a beautiful soul like Simone can lavish.

Eleonora, Italy

Simone's Crystal Healing was deep and relaxing healing session. During the healing I experienced body relaxing on many levels and had many visions and insights. I am very visual person so my "seeing" is a way I get insights and understanding of my process. I call it seeing as that's how I experienced going through painful false beliefs and scars from the past. For me it is important to "see" them in some way so they can be healed and Crystal Healing helped me with that. Overall it was very relaxing leaving me in a peaceful soft place with myself and in touch with my heart. Simone has humbleness that creates a peaceful atmosphere where healing takes place.

Anu, Finland

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On the Move the Body Still the Mind class: I enjoyed the class, it was very relaxing and I kind of zoned out a bit, which was quite nice. I am new to meditation and didn't know what it would be like, but Simone and Julian led a well paced session and made the movements easy to follow. I enjoyed the gentle movements and staying in the moment and left feeling relaxed both in body and mind.

Chris, Tottenham/London

On the Move the Body Still the Mind class: I really enjoyed the class and felt it was the right balance of the different practices. It allowed me to connect to and really feel my body in a very beautiful way.

Thank you ♡

Monica, from Portugal in London

I had been looking to try meditation for some time, so when Simone talked about ‘movement and meditation’ I was intrigued. I found it really good, and as an introduction to meditation would recommend it to anyone. Simone’s personality is warm and she really makes you feel comfortable. Her instruction is good, easy to follow, and I found the mixture of chi kung and meditation really worked for me. I will recommend Simone’s head massage and meditation to all my friends.

Rhian, London

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I visited Simone for an Indian Head Massage and can thoroughly recommend the experience. Simone took every care to provide a warm welcome, a comfortable ambiance and a wonderful massage. I left feeling deeply relaxed.

Aby, London

I found the indian head massage incredibly relaxing. Simone is an incredibly warm and social person and that helps you feel at ease. By the end of each of the head massages that I have had from Simone, I have felt really relaxed. Each massage has been slightly different, as if she tunes into where your stresses are and works to relieve them.

Rhian, London

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